28-may-2011 - Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that for the moment, I have stopped the development  of Theolith because I have a great job as 3D developer and it takes me a lot of my time. I'm also working on other personal projects.

01-aug-2010 - Now, Theolith will use Starcraft 2 models, see here

 17-feb-2010 - beta 2.02 here

  11-feb-2010 - beta 2.01 here

 05-feb-2010 - The new beta 2.00 have been release! you can download it here.

Here is the video of this BETA 2.0 version :

Here is an older video of the game (BETA 1.0 VERSION)

This video shows how did I put the characters of Warcraft in the game for the BETA 1.0 VERSION: